Face To Face With My Ego

I have finally taken the first steps into my own future. I have deactivated all social media from my life, i was reading more and focusing on what needed more attention in my life until my phone lit up at about 10pm yesterday. It was a notification from my bank asking me if i had ordered a pizza in Virginia …mind you that I’m living in NJ.

so I’m confused as to whom it could have been until i remembered that my ex used to have a copy of my credit card ( we broke up about a year ago and she now has a new bf)

i did a little bit more research and it so happens that her boyfriend lives in……VIRGINIA. i was able to call the pizza place and have them cancel the order from my card. They asked me if i wanted them to cancel the order and not deliver it but i felt bad about the food being wasted. i told them to deliver the pizza and that the payment would be cash.

and i may have also told them to add ten 2litter sprites..oh well thats for messing with me.

so now im torn between texting her and telling her that i know what she did and that i want my money back.( i forgot to mention that she also got 40 dollars worth of gas)

or if i should be the bigger person and just have my bank take care of it. I really don’t like the fact that she wanted to take advantage of me and make me look stupid but I’m trying so hard to just let it go. As of now I have contacted the bank and they have resolved the problem but there is a little voice inside my head telling me to text her and tell her to destroy my card because the police are getting involved. I just want her to worry and stress about it. i want her to know that i know.

I don’t know, I guess we will see what happens.

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